Thursday, April 13, 2017

Harsher, More Creative Punishments! (Example)

If you want someone to remember you, you have to do something emotionally  memorable.  In my opinion, most cheating in school occurs because the repercussions of getting caught are not nearly severe enough.  If we want reduced cheating, not only should the school teach the cheating student a lesson, but punishments should be so severe that others will be dissuaded from engaging in similar behavior.  According to Cormac O'Keefe (Irish Examiner, 2015), the government "should target the finances, properties, and vehicles of criminals as part of a more imaginative response to combating crime".  If one of the following  negative reinforcements is clearly presented on the first day of school, my guess is that cheating school-wide would decrease due to hitting students where it matters most to them-- "in their wallets":

1) Automatic 'F' in the class
2) Loss of Driver's License
3) Immediate removal from an extracurricular activity
4) $200 fine to not immediately fail the course
5) Removal of off-campus privileges
6) Campus cleaning duties over a weekend