Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cheating Consequences

          1) Consequences for cheating in high school should be harsher. Stealing someone's answers is stealing someone else's property/thoughts. Students who cheat and receive only small punishments are likely to cheat again. Schools need harsher punishments so cheating students know to never cheat again after they are caught. Mount Airy High School in North Carolina has a policy that students cannot receive academic letters or be invited into National Honor Society if they have any record of cheating (, 2016). Students will have an incentive not to cheat if they are not able to get rewards for those grades when they do cheat.

           2) Consequences for cheating in high school should not be harsher. High school students are just kids, and kids make mistakes. Yes cheating is wrong, but the consequences should not be harsher. A sophomore interviewed by the Huffington Post claimed that "the pressure to get into a good college is mounting" (Rubin,, 2013). Students should be punished for cheating but it shouldn't ruin their life.

           3) I think punishments for cheating should be harsher after the first offense. If a student cheats once, they should receive a 0 on their test. If the same student cheats again, they should receive a harsher punishment. Schools should explain the consequences of cheating so students do not get an idea to do it in the first place. If a student gets caught once, the school should make an effort to make sure it doesn't happen again. And if a student cheats time and time again, they should receive harsher consequences.

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  1. Okay so, it said I was signed in when I posted it but then it signed me out and I lost everything, so, I'm gonna sum it up. If someone cheats more than once, something is wrong. Harsher punishment encourages resentment towars the teacher and fear to ask for help. They might be struggling in the class, or don't have time to study after school.


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