Thursday, September 8, 2016

1) Harsher punishments for people that cheat do have a positive side. If there are harsher punishments towards cheaters then people are more likely to not cheat. Also if you work really hard then someone just copies your answer you would feel better knowing that they face a big consequence for cheating off you. "If the cheaters get better grades, an honest youth can feel frustrated."  ( I agree that being cheated off can sometimes be frustrating especially if you don't like the person.

2) cheating might be wrong but sometimes people feel that they need to cheat to succeed. Kids are punished if they fail but if they cheat and get a good grade they are rewarded. I feel like a big part of the reason people cheat is so they can get approval from their parents. "Our culture appears to say that it is acceptable to step on others as you climb ahead." ( I agree with this statement, people are shown that they should strive to being the best so they will do what they need to get the best grade possible.

3) I believe that punishments should be less harsh on cheating. Instead they should just have to retake the test. If getting a bad grade wasn't as big of a deal people would cheat less. I think to prevent cheating instead of punishing the cheaters reward the non cheaters.

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