Friday, September 9, 2016

1) Men could be responsible for the glass ceiling due to the past. In the old days most women were stay at home wife's and most jobs were occupied by men. Also jobs that envolve physical strength men would be more likely to qualify for, for example construction work pays pretty good and is mostly done by men same with welding and a car mechanic. "IWPR’s research shows that, irrespective of the level of qualification, jobs predominantly done by women pay less on average than jobs predominantly done by men." (
If women jobs started paying more this would help euqulize the pay between men and women.

2) Men are not to blame for the glass ceiling. Women think that they are incapable to make as much money as men limiting their income. The thought of a glass Ceiling may even give men more confidence into that they can make more money then women and believe that they are capable of making more money. Also women need more time off then men for reasons like birth or other women problems. Eventually however the amount of money women are payed will rize and be equal to the pay of men. "According to our research, if change continues at the same slow pace as it has done for the past fifty years, it will take 44 years—or until 2059—for women to finally reach pay parit" ( 

3) I believe that the glass ceiling is not that big of a problem. If people would just stop worrying about it and forget about it it will eventually fix its self. Or women can work harder to raise the total income of women in America. 

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