Wednesday, September 7, 2016

1.) Cheating should be met with harsh penalties because past and current consequences do not deter cheaters. Many prominent figures in our society have cheated, including Joe Biden. "I insist I did not (cheat) malevolently." (Source) Another reason cheating should dealt with a harsh punishment is that cheaters might get too comfortable with it. In education beyond high school, there is a lot of critical knowledge and skills people need to learn in order to keep everything functioning. I don't want a surgeon messing with my organs if he cheated in school, nor a CPA doing my taxes if he also cheated. Those certain situations might be exaggerated, but it is 100% possible.

2.) Early education isn't specific, and some students are frustrated with that. Students who want to be an engineer or join the military probably aren't concerned with the "fundamentals of To Kill a Mockingbird". Students may excel in one subject, but struggle in another. With the importance of having a good GPA, they may have to compensate with cheating. "I feel as if schools don't spend as much time on one topic because Common Core doesn't let them." (Source)

3. I think cheating should result in harsher penalties, depending on what it is. If someone forgets to cite or does it improperly, of course nothing, not even a warning is given. However, I think no matter what subject, level of subject, or other scenario, one warning should be giving before actual penalties are given. After the second cheating infraction, students should have to retake test, detention, and drivers license removed. I also strongly believe an automatic F should not be given out, unless if student has cheated in most of the work. Students are at school for free on the taxpayers dollar and should not be a cheating thief. I also do not believe rewards should be handed out for things you are supposed to be doing. People who don't steal from a gas station, murder, or not speed are not rewarded. Well, except AllState maybe. Are you in good hands?

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  1. I agree about most of what you said but I don't agree with one thing I don't think students should have there license taken away due to them maybe needing it to get to school and also just because there cheaters doesn't mean there drivers and they got there license fair and square so why should it be taken they should not even allow anyone to lose there license unless it involves a automobile related problem caused because I don't think that they should be able to do that even. If they don't need there car they still have there right to have it


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