Monday, September 19, 2016

1.) No matter what, people will need gas. If the government raised the price of gas, dipping their hand into the jar of honey, they would benefit vastly. Consumers of gas may have to pay a little extra, but it is just a few more bucks. We also need money to build roads and highways, and where else to gather money than what the roads are used for.
2.) There are multiple reasons we should not raise the price of gasoline. First, raising it even a cent would take $1.5 billion from Americans. Second, our roads and highways are already very well developed. I see a lot of construction workers standing around the construction sites, and it is because of one reason. The longer it takes, the more they are payed. Perhaps improve productivity in that area before raising taxes on every American need.
3.) I do not believe in raising the price of oil in the USA. Cheap gasoline is a luxury, and us Americans ('merica!) are lucky to have it. The main reason that people want to get rid of cars, is that we can walk or bus around town. Ever had to ride a bus to Idaho, Maine, or Florida? Me neither, and I plan to keep it that way.


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