Thursday, September 8, 2016

1.) Men are to blame for the glass ceiling for one main reason. Men have dominated history, and until recently, planned on continuing that.  Another reason, is that men are much more unethical with business decisions. According to a study done by Fedonia NY university, roughly 75% would prefer to make unethical decisions if it meant large profits, compared to a 45~% women agreeing with low ethics/high profits. I would consider this the women's fault, but women are doing the right thing by making ethical decisions.
2.) Women are to blame because of two main reasons. Number 1, women put down women more than men do. 80% of harassment leading to the end of a women's career are done by women. Sauce Another reason, is that they do not believe in themselves. They tread to much on the glass ceiling, and sometimes don't realize it doesn't apply to them in the current situation they are in. A leader should be able to lead himself.
3. My stance on this is...I'm not sure. It is a sensitive and important topic, but it seems like no one is really presenting facts. It is possible that the glass ceiling doesn't exist, but it could at the same time. It also seems all News Sources are biased in some way, so there's no way turning that direction. I know that the wage gap is a real thing, and that is terrible, so if the glass ceiling existed (not saying it doesn't) we should do whatever it takes to shatter it.

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