Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cheating in school

      1. I beleive punishments for cheating in school should be more harsh. Studies show that 80% of students admitted to cheating four or more times in a year which has gone up 20% since the 1990's (Tim Walker, naoto, 2016). Since the percentage of students cheating has only gone up, I don't think it will go down any time soon. Giving students a more harsh punishment will make them want to stop cheating to avoid the consequences.

        2. Cheating in school should be less of a harsh punishment for student. Everyone deserves a second chance to correct his or her mistake. Cheating is not enough reason to expel students from college; it must be taken as a final punishment. Those expelled students could be professional students, smart, creative, disciplined and hard working. Who knows maybe they were under pressure or were facing problems with their families, or could be in difficult situations which prevented them from studying responsibility? (Zainab Hassan,, 2015)

        3. Personally I believe cheating should have some sort of punishment but not so harsh. People do have other things in life going on besides school which means students will often times have no time to study. So going into a test without knowing a single thing on it could cost you your grade in that class. Cheating is never good but it could save you from failing. 


  1. I did agree with the fact that students have no time to study because of other things going on. The school did not force kids to play sports or do clubs which would take time away from studying. If kids have jobs then it's there job to to make sure they tell their boss not to shedule them so late so they have time to study. There are many ways kids can make time to study if they have other things going so they do not cheat.

  2. If you don't have a harsh punishment then more kids will cheat. There will be less risk if the student gets caught. If you have harsh punishment there will be less students cheating because there is a bigger risk if they get caught.


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