Thursday, September 8, 2016

  Are men the one to blame for women's pay discrepancy? Not necessarily men have always have been the upper hand worker around families. For a long time women were just housekeepers and didn't need as much as a male that works in harder conditions. ("For example, maids and housekeeping cleaners, who are 84% female, make 17% less than cleaners of vehicles and equipment, who are 87% male, Webber shandwick, 2015"). Men usually out weigh women when it comes to industrial or computer science jobs which are more complex.

   On the other hand men are the blame to women's discrepancy. Men and women mostly can have the Same job same education but men will still get paid more.(" of 116 occupations, men out earn women in 114 of them, shandwick,  210"). If women have the requirements to a job as a man would. Their shouldn't be a wage gap.
  It's not really just men that created this glass ceiling for women. The whole society plays a role in all the differences in the wages. Women often have a lot of child responsibilitys outside workforce. "There's nothing more killing for parents or women in particular then having a child that get out of school at 2:30" goldin, 2016). Solution to all this is we we need to get rid of the 21 cents rule. Start looking at their job experiences and not the gender or race of a person.

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