Thursday, September 8, 2016

Are men to blame for the 'Glass ceiling' for women?

There are some reasons that can attribute to why the glass ceiling is caused by men. According to the people at, the glass ceiling is caused by too many years of male leadership in the corporate world which has created too much of a masculine, patriarchal working environment. Also, female employees aren't given the mentorship and assistance by their seniors who subconsciously overlook their qualifications and abilities simply because they are women. Therefore, men are more likely to hire people who are similar to them, like other men(Iram Moazzam,, 2016).

Although there are some valid reasons why men should be to blame, there also also reasons why they shouldn't. If women would stop having the mentality that the glass ceiling still exists, there probably would even be such a thing. One big reason why men aren't to blame is because of how women treat each other. According to a report by the Federal Aviation Administration, 68 percent of workplace bullying is same-sex harassment. Of that 68 percent, 80 percent was women-on-women harassment. This leads to the question, how do women expect men to treat them with respect when they can't even respect themselves.

In my opinion, men are not at fault for the 'glass ceiling'. Women are just too shy to break through the glass ceiling. If women would just have the courage to confront men about their problems, maybe it wouldn't be an issue. Plus, when women do get the opportunity and climb the corporate ladder the tend to take the ladder with them(Shannon Goodson,, 2016). This means that when women become the leader of a company they don't ever want to give another women a chance to get further than they already are so most women prefer a male head of a company. One solution to the pay discrepancy would be to implement pay transparency. This would mean showing your colleagues what you are making so if a man is making more than a women in the same job. By doing so your manager would be forced to look into it and change your pay to be equal as your male counterparts.

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