Friday, September 9, 2016

Are men to blame for the glass ceiling for women? According to Rick Wartzman, they a subtle sense. He states, "But just because sexism is now simmering more beneath the surface doesn’t mean it isn’t there" (Wartzman,, 3/10/16). He states that sexism might be "quieter" than it was back in the 50's, but it's still there.

Are men not to blame for the glass ceiling. Well, according to Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, they aren't, and it's just a matter of confidence. "But these explanations for a continued failure to break the glass ceiling are missing something more basic: women’s acute lack of confidence" (Kay & Shipman,, May 2014). They say that it isn't necessarily men, it's women's confidence holding them back.

Where do I lie in this? I think it's both of our faults, however I think the reason it IS both is because of sexist men. There is a reason that women have grown to have low confidence, and that's because of, ever since we were little, we've seen and learned that women are viewed as fragile housewives a good portion of the time. So, our confidence is pretty low. If you do gain more confidence, then sexist men will try to hold you back.

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