Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cheating assignment

Yuji Tanaka
         1. Most students want to get better grades at school and they want to leave the score to earn for themselves. Cheating does not have a good to effect on their career. According the Christopher Cascio(Our Everyday Life's) writes the "When you have a job in engineering, you can not use the experience of the school". This explains that cheating affects your knowledge of what you learn at school and how prepared you are for your career.  Punishment should be harsh for cheating because it affects your future skills.

 2. Cheating needs to have consequences at school , but the student also should be given the chance to explain their choice. The school punishment needs to be extreme on the first time. In according ( the article states, the punishments could be extreme, for example, suspension from school for few days or even expelled.  This strong message would make it clear that cheating is not tolerated.  So, if the student is caught twice cheating, extreme punishments would be enforced.

3. Some students cheat in school. It is a fact and it happens everyday all over the Earth.  When they are caught, then teacher gives a punishment or consequence to the student. So I agree that the teacher should give a punishment to student because it affects their career. In according to the first paragraph, if students graduate with the cheating experience,  this student can not use that experience in the career because it is not their own experience.  They stole someone else's work.  The school needs to give punishment if student is caught cheating on the test, assignment, or exam. This message will help reduce the number of students that try to cheat each day.

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  1. I disagree that teachers should punish their students for cheating because I personally believe that it's the students problem not the teachers. A student who cheats will soon learn the consequences of cheating on their own. Although cheating does affect a students learning, he or she is the one who is going to fail in the future.


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