Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cheating in school

  Students should receive harsher punishments for cheating in school because it reminds them why they shouldn't do it. At some schools, teachers might decide to just give the student an F if they are caught cheating. Students who cheat have set themselves up to either continue failing or cheating" (middle earth word press). Cheating is an easy way out to not have to study for an test. If students cheat on a test, then they waste their time in school and there's no purpose in the teacher teaching at all if the students are going to cheat. Students should receive harsher punishments for cheating in school.
  Although some students cheat on tests for a good grade, some still cheat because their teachers' teaching methods don't meet the expectations they have for their students. For example, a dean wrote an article on the about one of his who plagiarized an essay because she felt the author expressed his words better than she did. He believes many students do this because "they aren't being taught how to paraphrase" ( Teachers teach to prepare their students for tests instead of teaching them so they can learn.  Students shouldn't receive harsh punishments for cheating.
  I believe the only punishment students should receive when they're caught cheating is a zero on the test. If a student cheats then that's on the student not the teacher. A teacher can't control what his or her students decide to do when it comes to a test. If a student decides to not study and cheat instead then they miss out on the opportunity of learning but a teacher shouldn't have to go out of their way to give a student a big punishment just for cheating on a test.

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  1. I disagree because I think students who cheat repeatedly should receive more punishment than just a 0 on a test. The first time can be a 0 on the test, but if that same student cheats again they should have a harsher consequence.


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