Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cheating in school

    We should have harsher punishments for cheating in school because it only gets worse. Studies show that 80% of students admitted to cheating four or more times in a year which has gone up 20% since the 1990's (Tim walker, naoto, 2016). If the student would get an automatic F in the class that would stop most students from cheating because they cheat to get a higher score in that class.
     Schools shouldn't have harsher punishments for cheating in schools because if a fifth grader cheats it is less harsh than when a high schooler cheats. The punishments should be varied because a fifth grader shouldn't have to do the fifth grade again for just looking at someone's paper to find out how to spell a word (Van Thompson,, 2016). Students in high school should have harsher punishment s so that they stop cheating before they get into college.
     I believe that students need to have harsher punishments for cheating. I think this because if students have a reason to not cheat like, expulsion or automatic F in the class, then they would have no reason to cheat in the first place. This would lead to people not cheat when they get out of school which would mean there would be less mistakes happening in the business world that the company that cheated would have to pay for.

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  1. I disagree with you opinion. I don't think a student should be expelled just for cheating. Yes It could prevent a lot of cheating, but just for a minor mistake that a lot of kids do. There would be a lot of kids who are expelled or out of school because of it.


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