Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cheating in school

            A harsher punishment for people who cheat would be to take there privileges away (Goldstein,, 2015).  Many students that get caught cheating don't have a punishment that is effective to them (Goldstein,, 2015).  Students the pat get caught also tend to not stop but try harder to avoid getting caught again (Goldstein,, 2015). I believe by taking privileges away it could make them realize that cheating is bad. I also think giving a harsher punishment like making them re-take that class could help.
            I think harsher punishments should not be a thing for people who cheat because almost everyone has done it at some point in time (, 2015).  We will never be able to fully stop people from cheating because they can find away no matter the outcome or punishment that comes with it.  Students will always have a urge to cheat if they don't fell confident or always have pressure to do good (, 2015). I think just confronting the person could be just as effective as doing anything more.
              I  believe that a harsh punishment is not always necessary because some people don't realize the effort it could have on them in life. As long as people understand that cheating in school could effect your life out of school because you can't always just copy off someone else I think could help. We will never be able to fully stop people from cheating but you can tell them why they shouldn't cheat and why.  People are going to do what they know is best and if they have always cheated they most likely won't stop because they don't no better because they take the easy way out.


  1. I disagree, I think students should be punished if they are caught cheating. I don't think it should necessarily be harsh, but students need to learn and if a teacher were to give them a 0 on a test that might teach them to not cheat. If you just tell someone the disadvantages to cheating, I don't think that will make them realize how bad it is and how it can affect them.

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