Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cheating Punishments

I'm in favor of the harsher punishments for those who cheat because it could teach them to not do it again. Failing a student for cheating is, in a sense, disciplining them for their actions. Along with taking away the privilege to go off campus for lunch or even removing them for an activity after school, a sport. "Consequences at the middle school level range from being asked to redo a paper, to earning a zero, to being expelled from school," (Linda Morgan,, 2016). I do agree with heavily disciplining the students if they do cheat, but I think expulsion is a bit extreme unless it's a continuous thing. Cheating is already taken into action as soon as it's discovered, which is handled perfectly. 

I'm also in favor of the fact that under some circumstances that there are some consequences that shouldn't be taken into action such as expulsion. If a student is expelled from a school, then the other school in there area won't accept them. Along with the fact that the other schools they try to get into will see he's cheated and may not accept him either. "The consequences of cheating, however, can be truly dire and range from temporary academic difficulties to serious legal problems and permanent reputation damage," (Van Thompson, education,, 2016). I agree with this statement because, as I said before, this could seriously hurt a students reputation. I just think that some of the consequences to students who cheat should be rethought, but also some should be left. 

I personally think that the punishments for those who cheat are perfectly fine the way they are now. If a student cheats then they know what they're getting into, because sometimes it's thoroughly explained by teachers what can happen to their grade or even their education if they get caught cheating. Due to the students being fully aware of the consequences, it's a great sense of discipline if the student follows the teachers advice. The teachers can just give you a warming to not do it again, and that's where your own responsibility comes in. They trust you and believe your smart enough to do it on your own. So don't cheat and no consequences will happen. 

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  1. In my opinion the punishments for cheating need to be harsher. Students just aren't getting that cheating is not ok. The only way to make sure they understand is if they are given a punishment harsh enough to make them not do it again


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