Thursday, September 8, 2016


      Harsh punishments for students who cheat could help lower the cheating rate. According to neaToday 80 to 95 percent of students admitted to cheating at least once (Tim Walker,, December 11, 2012). This statistic should not be be as high as it is today. As said by student that get caught in the act of cheating should have immediate punishment. Some example of punishments are an automatic zero, detention, and even expulsion (, N/A, N/A). This could make the number of students who cheat go done. Punishment could decrease cheating in high school students.

      Incentives can also be good for students because if they have an award if they don't cheat then the rate of cheating might go down. According to rewarding students can reduce misbehavior (, N/A, 2015). This being said if you put up a reward for the people who don't cheat on a test less people will cheat. Incentives can decrease cheating in high school. 

      In my opinion there should be very harsh punishment for people who choose to cheat. The people who cheat will have a three strike your out kind of punishment. The first offense of cheat would be automatic zero on that test, suspension from school and all extracurricular activities for a week, and their drivers license or permit will be taken away. The second offense would be automatic zero in the class, twenty four hours of community service, and a two hundred dollar fine towards the school. The third offense would be expulsion, forty eight hours of community service and a four hundred dollar fine towards the school. For the people who don't cheat they will simply get the grade that they deserve. I believe that harsh punishments should be enforced on to people who cheat. 

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  1. Cheating in school should not have punishments as hard as what was stated above. I believe that if students cheat they should maybe get kicked out of sports or maybe have to do service hours but not get expelled. A good punishment if a f on the assignment and service hours but i dont think that students should ever be expelled because of cheating.


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