Friday, September 23, 2016

College education

The enter the college is hard then we need the subsidized from the government. The favor of the subsidies college tuition is most of good to the poor student, and they are can enter the college by the subsidized.  The students from the poorest families are less than half as likely as those from the wealthiest families to get bachelor's degrees , it is by the So they are the poorest families difficult to get the degree to the son or daughter.

Beside the against the government subsidized is people don't profit the government. According the dissent, it is not effect on the rich family so they are don'need to get to subsidize from the government. This is the opposite of the favor of subsidized from government. So, they are is not to cross the each other.

I should government should to give the subsidized tuition to the college, and college need to give the poor student to enter. The most of poorest student can not have the money for the enter the college then can not take the tuition. It is mostly need the skill for the study to make level-up they are own skills. So, college is need subsidizes from the government.

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  1. Tax subsidies are not beneficial to the poorer students. Those who cannot afford college will be surprised when they find out that even with tax payer money they still will not be able to afford college since the colleges can drive the prices up. As long as the government will pay for it the college will increase the price and taxes.


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