Thursday, September 22, 2016

College subsidies

should the government subsidiez college, it could be a good thing. They could make college cheaper for students who aren't so well off. "Campuses supporting the practice say it helps build a more diverse student body and provides a path to the middle class for lower-income students." ( I agree with this quote, that college subsidies could make it easier for lower and middle class kids to go to college without having to deal with the huge costs.

Should the government subsidiez college, well no they shouldn't. Subsidiezing college is actually making it more expensive than it's ever been. "Federal student aid is harmful in many ways. It drives up tuition costs, encourages bloat and inefficiency, and is an unfair burden on taxpayers. But most importantly, because federal aid comes with top-down regulations, it poses a threat to the core strengths of American higher education, including institutional autonomy, competition, and innovation. All efforts to impose federal regulations on colleges and universities should be rejected. At the same time, federal subsidies to students and institutions should be reduced and ultimately eliminated."( I agree with this statement. We need to keep the government out of it, they only make matters worse and this is a perfect example, college tuition costs have almost quadrupled in the past couple of years and it's time to bring that to a end.

In my option I think college subsidies are a terrible idea. Where we have subsidies actually making college tuition more and more expensive than it's ever been. Like in the quote I have in my second paragraph it is just a higher burden for the tax payers who are the ones stuck paying for the subsidies for all these kids. The amount of money having to be spent is cause more problems than finacial costs, it's also hurting competition, innovation, and the educations these kids are trying to get when they know that by the time they get done they will owe $50,000 plus in student loans.

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