Friday, September 23, 2016

College Subsidies

We should not have college subsidies. There is no link between higher college subsidies and economic growth. Basically this says, the more money that is spent on college subsidies there is no gain so we are wasting more and more money. Next is that providing subsidies dilutes a university degree. What this is saying is that if college is paid for mostly by the government alot more people would go to college so then a degree would not mean as much. There is no benifit to college subsidies so we should not have them. (

We should subsidize college for students. Subsidies make college affordable for people who usually could not go. With subsidies in place it also supports colleges. Each student earning a bachalors degree brings in around sixty thousand dollars in the four years. Subsidies also help many non profit organizations. On average a student will bring in eight thousand dollars to non profit organizations. (

In my opinion we should not have college subsidies. First is that the money for that comes out of taxes and that is a waste of money. If people are not going to go to a college they should not have to pay for those that go to college. Next is that if there are subsidies and everyone goes to college then a degree does not mean as much as if there where no subsidies. We should not have subsidies because it is a waste of money and hurts the economy.

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  1. I disagree with this. If you don't have subsidies then college is overwelmingly expensive. Students should not have to pay that much for education. There should be subsidies on college tuition.


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