Thursday, September 22, 2016

College Subsidization

Subsidizing college in the US would stimulate the economy and provide job growth. The cause of economic healing is quite obvious. It educates people, lowers poverty, and lowers crime. More job opportunity, means more money and less poverty. Education lowers crime, (Columbia University) and even lowers the chance of setting your house on fire.
A negative consequence of subsidizing college, is that it is expensive. Today, the Federal Government spends $62 billion dollars, (Us Uncut) and they pay 2/3 of college fee (Mr. Hornaday). Bernie Sanders 100% rational free college plan, would cost $75 billion additionally (nprED). That number will probably be much more, because the colleges will raise their tuition fees for more profit.
I think what we have today is good enough. My dad grew up in a low income family, and he managed to get to college. My dad didn't even need a loan for college; he had a scholarship and gas station clerk money to go, nor did the government help him. $62 billion is enough, and I believe that anyone can get to college, no matter the state, income, or race; I believe in the American Dream.

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