Thursday, September 22, 2016

College subsidize

1. The government should subsidize college education. Nearly all college education is subsidized in the United States today. College provides people with the skills they need to enter the workforce and tools to face problems faced by humans today (, 2013). A college education is looked for in many jobs today and helping those students who need a little help paying for college would in turn help the economy.

2. The government should not subsidize college education. Colleges on their own set tuition prices based on supply and demand which is based on the market.  But when the government subsidizes college, it distorts the supply-demand price, and instead inflates the price of college (Skorup,, 2013). When the government get involves the cost of college, it changes the true price for each college.

3. I think the government should help fund college education for those who really need it. As someone who is going to college next year, I like the idea. But money from the government given to colleges should only be for the people who are serious about college and actually need the money for it. Or maybe there should be other opportunities to get money to help pay for college. I think that people who take money from the government and then go to college and blow it all should not receive that money.

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