Thursday, September 8, 2016

Econ of Cheating Kranovich

1) Oddly enough, the students in China are ranking first in the world in math, science, and literacy, whereas math and science are the two subjects that are cheated on most in the United States. Just like the United States, China used to have a simpler less harsh punishment. However, China has become strict on their cheating policy, "A cheater in China used to have it easy: His family might be subjected to harsh scolding, and his exam results might be thrown out. Now, a student caught cheating might face a prison sentence"(, Hernandez, 2016). Do I believe that school systems in China hold higher standards for their students, yes. I also believe that because China has strengthened their cheating policy, it will increase student drive, and in result increase grade point average. The harsher the punishment, the more likely a student will not risk the reward. The United States needs to take a page out of China's book, harsher punishment.

2) Imagine the future of Bettendorf High School students, many students will be in a setting in which we have to work around and with other people. In schools we are taught to do things alone, unless permitted otherwise. Schools are supposed to help students prepare for whatever comes ahead, and because we are living in a time in which cooperation is so important, are school systems need to evolve. "in many ways, the behavior we call cheating in schools is exactly the behavior we desire the real world... What behavior do we call cheating in the school system? Asking others for help, copying answers, copying papers. Most of these activities are better called 'networking' or 'cooperative work'"(, Norman, 2016). These so called, 'networking' or 'cooperative work' are apparent in the workplace today. Evolving the school system in which students are rewarded for using a book, or even the internet will help better prepare them for their work life ahead.

3) I side in favor of harsher punishments in result of cheating. I believe that if a student is willing to risk a punishment as harsh as prison, for an 'A' on a test, then they should go to jail. If a student really cares about their grade, they will prepare for their test, they will ask any questions, they will go the extra mile to get their desired grade. Preparation and time management are very important skills to posses, and deadlines and test dates in school help prepare students for harsh job deadlines. If you do poorly in the workplace you will be fired, if you do poorly in school you will fail, if you cheat in business you will be sent to jail, if you cheat in school you should go to jail.

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