Thursday, September 15, 2016

Economics Of Service Hours

     A positive is that this is right for people to have ownership of there own rights deciding what they want to do with there life and how they want there future to end up. It's good for people to have their own freedom because we all have the right to be able to decide what we do in our life and with our life. Good choices could result in doing you very good such as you getting famous and getting a lot of money and or helping your family making them famous also.
     The downfall to this is that some people choose to make bad choices in their life which don't only affect themselves but affects everyone else around them because they can also get hurt from other people's bad actions. People should have more limitations to what they can and cannot do because depending on what they do can affect a lot of people very severely. Some bad decisions can't be repaired and are permanent till death or could even affect your family or loved ones.
     I think that people should have the right to do what they please but have certain limitations on what they can and can't do. Some things that people do can affect themselves or other people very highly or very poorly. If people didn't have the rights they had to do what they please, we wouldn't be as far in life as we are with what all we have. Giving people the freedom of choice is good cause usually it can lead to good things bringing our knowledge higher and higher in the world.

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