Monday, September 19, 2016

Gas Pollution Tax

The govenrnment should increase its pollution tax on gasoline because it could keep people from buying gasoline and that way less people will polite the air. If taxes on gas prices go up people will think more about how they can avoid driving somewhere so they won't have to spend any money on gas. Higher gas prices "forces drivers to take that cost into account when making driving decisions" ( Raising gas prices will help the environment in a positive way because it'll reduce pollution and can even reduce "accidents, noise, and traffic congestion" ( However, there are some negatives to why gas prices should not be raised. If gas prices go up, that might motivate people to try not to buy as much gas and that means less gas will be sold. It can also keep people from buying cars and relying on public transportation because they don't want to spend money on gasoline If it's expensive. According to an article "they are building more infrastructure dedicated to pedestrians and bicycles as a means of encouraging a safer and healthier environment" ( Also, it is important to consider how the economy will suffer if gas prices go up. In my opinion I believe that gas prices shouldn't go up. Gas prices should just be left at a reasonable price where it is affordable. If gas prices don't go up then the economy won't get hurt by it. People should be able to purchase gas and that way sales won't go down and hurt the economy.

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