Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gas tax

Although raising gas prices may seem to be a bad thing for the consumers wallets it could be good for a good cause. What if the government needs to raise money to pay for a natural disaster or repairs for a terrorist attack they can just raise gas prices a little bit and raise a ton of money. "Ten days after a major Southeast gas-transporting pipeline was shut down in Alabama because of a leak, prices at the fuel pump in surrounding states have jumped by as much as 11 percent." (Www.csmonitor.com) this company had an oil leak and were forced to raise gas prices so they are able to fix the pipeline.

If the government was to not raise gas tax then there would be quite a few positives. Such as people would be happy and would most likely drive more than usual buying more gas. Also people would be able to buy other things with the money they would have spent on gas which would help other business's.  "For every 1 cent increase in the gas tax, $1.5 billion is taken away from American consumers." (https://www.myheritage.org/news/7-reasons-why-congress-should-not-raise-the-gas-tax/) the government should not raise the price because they already take to much money from us for taxes.

Personally I think that gas tax should not be raised. The reason behind this is because most people are already struggling paying bills and buying food if that's tax was raised it would hurt a lot of people. In my case I don't enjoy paying up to 3 dollars for gas and I would rather buy other things.


  1. But also raising tax on gas could better your social income. Paying a 1$ extra on gas isn't really gonna make a difference if your already struggling.

  2. If you don't have the income to buy gasoline then you don't have to use a car you could bike to work or use some other transportation. That would save you money.


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