Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gas tax

      The government should increase its pollution tax on gasoline for many reasons. If you raise this tax there would be less driving due too higher cost of gas therefore the pollution would go down and our air would be of good quality. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research the health benefits of this would increase by ninety percent. People would basically be paying for not just gas but a healthier life due to less pollution. This tax being increase will not only help our government but our environment as well.

      The government should decrease it's pollution tax on gasoline. Poor people would not be able to buy gas like other people who have money could.raising the tax could actually even negatively effect the oil companies. According to the heritage lowering the gas prices would actually increase government revenue because people would drive more and spend more money on gas. Therefore if you raise it then less people will buy it therefore the government would get less money. The raise of gas taxes does not raise the amount of money that the government gets.

      In my opinion we should keep the tax where it is right now at eighteen dollars and forty cent and what the state governments are asking. If you raise it then less people will buy the gas meaning less money would go to the government. If they lower the tax they might not get enough money as well for the fact that people would not have to spend as much on gas. I believe that if we keep it where it's at today then the government will make the most money that they can to repair road and bridges. The government should not raise or lower the pollution tax on gas but keep it the same.

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  1. If the government were to raise the tax on gas they would get more money because In today's world a car for transportation is a must. Maybe a few people will consider walking or none motor vehicles but most people would accept the fact that it is more expensive and maybe try to drive the least they can.


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