Monday, September 19, 2016

Gasoline Pollution Tax

1) There does need to be a heavier tax on gas because our roads, bridges, etc are taking a toll. "In today’s dollars, the state gas tax rate is just 69 percent of what it was in 1993. So it’s no surprise that 40 percent of our roads are in poor condition, and 52 percent of our bridges need structural repairs, according to a national transportation research group." (Frederick Hewett,, 2016). If we the gasoline tax our roads will become better from the extra money coming in from the gas tax. Even if the tax is raised to 20 cents that will tremendously improve our roads.
2) If there was a gas tax the cost of living could rise up. We do not want that, because already the cost of living is high. "At the same time, wages are not growing fast enough to keep up with the cost of living; even some who are employed still struggle to make ends meet." (David Rodeck,, 2015). We need to have no gas tax to keep the cost of living low. If there is a ten cent tax for example, that can add up and take a toll on the cost of living in the future.
3) I believe we need to have a gas tax, but only have it be like five cents. If it is that small it can still help with road construction and at the same time it can help out the consumers with not over paying for gas. If there is a tax it can lead to better roads and bridges. We can all help a little, if we chip away at just paying a small tax it can lead to big things in return.

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