Monday, September 19, 2016

Gasoline pollution tax

 By increasing the pollution tax on gas drivers may change how they get around(Brunel,, 2016). Cars produce an externally pollution that imposes various economic cost(Brunel, By increasing this tax people may not want to spend more so they may start to walk or ride a bike. Overall this could be better for our future because pollution is not good for us and earth.

This could be a bad thing to increase the tax because that's just a extra strain on Americas government(rodeck,, 2015). Many people don't have the extra money that they can spent on a tax increase. Many are still looking for work in a recovering economy(rodeck,, 2015). People can't afford more then they need to so why would we increase it knowing this may cause more problems for them.

I don't think they should increase the pollution tax. I think this will only cause more problems for people who are already trying to just get by now. Even though this could case less pollution by people doing more then just driving(Brunel,, 2016). It's not worth cause more trouble for people.

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  1. I do not agree because the higher tax also can solve other problem. This could help with having gas in the future to also less accidents. I say this because it will have people saving more than using so they don't have to get it so much. Also the tax could help with project around the city.


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