Monday, September 19, 2016

Gasoline Pollution Taxes

Should the government raise pollution taxes for gas? Sure, if the government is making profit then they can. According to The New Yorker, since the cost of building and, above all, repairing roads has risen substantially in the past twenty-two years, because of inflation and because the federal highway system is deteriorating, while the revenue from the gas tax hasn’t risen nearly as much, (James Surowiecki, 07/25/2015). From this statement I can conclude that the government should raise taxes on gas. Since then vehicles and roads have been evolving and growing, With all that the government will have to maintain in somehow, they will have to tax the gas that is need for a car to move on the road. With raised taxes for gas, the government will be more likely able to maintain and even upgrade the roads and highways need for cars to drive.

Then there is the other question which is, Should the government not raise the taxes on gas. Well with this question according to Forbes, average Americans are quick to oppose the idea. Across the board, the majority of Americans support lower gas prices because they have had a positive impact on their budget. Low gas prices allow them to spend more on groceries and other necessities, as well as put more money into savings. ( Christine Harbin Hanson,, 03/06/2015). I can agree with this statement by Christine because, many people are trying to save money for necessities. People would like to have saved money at the end of the day then lose money. With lower prices on gas people can on focus on other things that they need like food, water, etc.

What I think about the rising of gas taxes. I think that the government shouldn't, but if they do it should be to a very reasonable amount for an average middle-class American. Yes with higher taxes on gases the government can spend it on maintenance for roads, and bridges. But with higher taxes people would have to spend more money on gas then on more necessities Also people would also like to save some money on gas too, since today in America cars a used very frequently. A middle-class American that can't afford to get gas would lose their jobs. So to sum myself up, no raise in gas tax (maybe a little), and moeny should be spend on food.  

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