Monday, September 19, 2016

Gasoline polution tax

     When it comes to putting a polution tax on gasoline, I think that Iowa should. According to the Daily Journal, A gas tax would help fuel (no pun intended) better roads (Lee Provost Daily Journal 2016) . I agree with this because with the revenue brought in by this gas tax, the roads could be improved so that it's a more pleasent experience driving over them.

     When it comes to putting a polution tax on gasoline, I don't think Iowa should. Acoording to Marketplace, States' gas tax revenue is slumping. California and other states are looking to an innovative approach pioneered by Oregon: pay by the mile (Liam Moriarty Marketplace 2016). I disagree with this because if you have a job thats far away, you have to pay a lot more.

     From both paragraphs, I feel they're should be a reasonable gas tax in Iowa. The benefits from having this tax will give us better roads to drive on and with the leftover money, hopefully more work on public parks, bridges, etc.

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