Thursday, September 8, 2016

Glass Ceiling Kranovich

1) Are men to blame for the glass ceiling that their female counterparts must encounter in today's workforce? Yes, men are to blame for the glass ceiling because most men don't actually understand what the glass ceiling is, or know that it even exists. "The PayScale survey... found that 67% of men believe that in most workplaces 'men and women have equal opportunities'"(, Rick Wartzman, 2016). If one can't identify a problem, there is no way they can help solve the problem. Considering that most everyone believes women should be paid equally to men, solving this problem is hindered by men not being able to identify the problem. Men and women alike believe that everyone should recieve fair pay, men can help solve the glass ceiling issue by learning what is really happening today.

2) Today, women face a glass ceiling that they must break in order to be paid equally to their male counterpart. However it is not the men to blame for women struggling to break this glass ceiling. Women aid in the maintenance of the glass ceiling, "Goodson's research found that while most men had no qualms about touting their contributions, and even sometimes lying about them, women still cling to the myth that self-promotion is 'socially unacceptable', ' unladylike', and 'morally suspect'...'They believe hard work alone is sufficient to put them on salary and status par with their male counterparts'"(, 2008). Men may have been responsible for the introduction of the glass ceiling, however it is the women of the workforce who continue to maintain the glass ceiling. Women can solve the glass ceiling issue by becoming more aggressive in the work force, and fighting for promotions instead of expecting them.

3) I don't think anyone is to blame for the 'glass ceiling' that exists today. The idea of a single glass ceiling covering all occupations makes little to no sense, and is just a way for the left to gain voters by brainwashing them with senseless facts. People don't choose what they want to do because they want to compete with the other sex, people choose what they want to do by their interests. Women are not forced to choose any one occupation, neither are men. In fact, women are now more likely than men to have a bachelors degree, women earned more doctorate degrees than men, outnumber men in graduate school at a rate of 136:100(, Mark J. Perry, 2015). Women are becoming more and more inclined to participate in more education, which in turn should prove to increase the amount of money they make. The glass ceiling is not about women being oppressed, the glass ceiling shows that the course men and women take in life differ by job, however more and more women are entering the higher skill higher pay work force. There are no solutions to a non-problem.

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