Thursday, September 8, 2016

Glass Ceiling Payments

Men are to blame for prohibiting women from breaking through the glass ceiling. Due to the fact that men have higher stances in businesses instead of women. "She faced sexual harassment at the plant and was told by her boss that he didn’t think a woman should be working there," (nwlc,, 2016). This is the Lillie Ledbetter act, where she would be harassed and never really noticed it until she noticed here wages were smaller than all her other coworkers. I think that men play a part in the glass ceiling because they're higher up in the business then woman, therefore controlling their payments. 

Men are also not to blame for the women breaking through the glass ceiling. Women can, in a sense, control how much they get paid or whether they're at a dead end or not. "'That sounds like victimhood to me. Women do have control, and in some ways, are to blame for the glass ceiling’s continued existence'", (glass, 10/4/14). By working harder you can earn higher payments and if you're at a dead end, then you could quit and find a better job that has better pay and suits you. Women have just as much a say in their payments as men do. 

In my opinion I do think that men play a very little role in the glass ceiling. In bigger businesses with the men being higher up, they can control the payments that the women make. Although the woman can also control those payments by putting in more effort if it's needed, or if the job really isn't paying you more for your efforts, then leave and find a new one where you'll get more money for more work. 

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