Thursday, September 8, 2016

Glass Ceiling

     When it comes to the glass ceiling, men are to blame. According to the Huffington Post, things will only start to change once we stop blaming women and start changing the flawed system we navigate (Nikki Gloudeman 2015) I disagree with this statement for 3 reasons, 1, a very small majority of people even considered women the problem, 2, the "glass ceiling" doesnt take into account different jobs, hours worked, etc. thus, you could be compairing a male petroleum worker to a female kindegarten teacher and 3, I never have and never will trust any information from Huffington Post because I feel they use clickbait titles to lure in people to articles written by people with half a brain who dont know a thing about what they're talking about.

     The glass ceiling should not all be blamed on men. According to LearningEnglish, a survey by Bank of America shows that 52% of women felt unaffected by the "glass ceiling" (learningenglish 2014) I agree with this because the glass ceiling isn't as big as all these pages like the Huffington Post and the New York Times love to portray it as.

     In my personal opinion, the glass ceiling has little to do with men themselves infact, I dont really think there even is a glass ceiling. According to the Daily Mail, it's women now who are constructing a glass ceiling above their own heads - because they want more from life than just the grind of a very senior position and the cripplingly long hours that go with it. (Maureen Rice 2014) I agree with this because with some people, they want equality up until they get it and when they get thrown the downsides, they complain about not having their special treatment.

(i wrote this last paragrah when I was really hungry so I got a bit angry)

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