Friday, September 9, 2016

Glass ceiling

1. Men are to blame for the glass ceiling that women face in society. They are responsible for because men have created barriers in society among genders, especially in the work force. According to the website, the men at the top look to former colleagues and old school ties; in both areas, women have been virtually absent. This means that men turn to other men when they are trying to fill open positions.  So this is just one reason that men are to blame for the unequal status in the work place and in society.  They could also be the change needed to a difference in women facing a glass ceiling.
2. The man does not need to take the blame from women and their status in their career.  So women need to break the glass ceiling on their own. In the article by the Donah Mbabazi, climbing up a ladder is never an easy feat, more so in the media industry. It is said that when it comes to women, you have to work twice as hard as men to prove yourself. This means that you have to work hard, be consistent and resilient but in double measure. So women have to work double of what a man would do for less pay.
3. I believe  men should not to blamed for the glass ceiling that women face because it happens in certain cultures. The culture has already decided a rule of women's place in the work force and according by a J&C, the male-only priesthood/leadership of the Catholic Church.  Only men are allowed to be leaders in several religions.  So it may be hard to change cultural views of women. If women want to break the glass ceiling, the women need to be more skilled or more get a power in the business world.  More skills will give them equal status in a career and equal pay.

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