Friday, September 9, 2016

Glass ceiling

   1. Men are to blame for the glass ceiling. At the start of their careers, 52% of male managers had a fair or clear idea that they wanted to work in a particular role, compared with 45% of women managers (Graham Snowdon,, 2011). Men typically don't take days off which makes them more to blame.

    2. Men are not to blame of the glass ceiling, women are the ones to blame. 68 percent of workplace bullying is same-sex harassment and of that 68 percent, 80 percent of cases are women-on-women harassment. So ladies, what does that say? Why should men respect us if we don't respect ourselves? (Lindsay Broder,, 2013). Women are the ones to blame because they focus more on trying to change the glass ceiling rather than trying to break through it. 

       3. I believe men are not to blame for the glass ceiling. Women all over worry more about changing the situation by doing other things than working harder to overcome the situation. Also statistics have shown more men have a clear view on what they want to do so they dedicate them selves to that one thing. On the other hand women are all over the place with what they want to do so maybe they don't dedicate themselves to that one specific thing. 

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