Friday, September 9, 2016

Glass Ceiling

Men are to blame for the glass ceiling. Many more men than women are in high up jobs and this is causing the problem. All of these men are in ceo and high up jobs and are keeping this glass ceiling in affect. Men high who they want and they try to higher men to keep women out of jobs. (            

Men are not to blame for the glass ceiling. Scott taylor says the men tended to overestimate how their bosses would rate them, albeit slightly. Women, on the other hand, low-balled their bosses' perspectives by an average of 11 percent. Taylor believes this means that managers should learn more effective ways to interact with female employees -- to help them understand the value they provide to the organization. (

In my opinion men are not to blame for the glass ceiling . I believe that nobody is to blame for the glass ceiling. Companies have quotas to meet these days and this requires them to hire a certain amount of females and minorities. If the so called glass ceiling is still around the government can just change the ratio of men to women required for the quota and the problem could fix itself.

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