Thursday, September 8, 2016

Glass Ceiling

     Men are the reason women don't get paid the same as men because men hold the higher positions to most big companies. Women do their jobs the same way men do but still get paid less because men in the CEO positions don't want women to succeed, or maybe just don't want women to be a chief executive of their company (Nick Corcodilos,, 2016). Women that do the same jobs as men should get pay raises based on their job skills and how well they preform at their job not because of their gender.

     Women are the reason the glass ceiling is still a thing because they have a bad behavior at the workplace and don't have the determination that men do to get to the top. Men have a better determination to get to the top of a company because when 4000 people were surveyed, 36% of men said they wanted to become the CEO while only 18% of women said they wanted to be the CEO (Lindsay Brodor,, 2016). Women's behavior at the workplace also sets them back at promotions. They don't encourage other women when they do get promoted and they bully each other at work while men do not do that.

     In my opinion, I think that men are to blame for the glass ceiling because men have been at the top of businesses for a very long time and I think these people do not want to have women in charge of their companies. Men do not want women in top positions of their companies (Tom Johansmeyer,, 2016). Men also think that women have a greater chance of quitting their job to become a stay at home mom which is another reason men don't want women in charge so that they don't leave when the company needs them. A solution may be to let some women get in to the top positions of businesses so that they could start giving women more confidence to get to the top.

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