Thursday, September 8, 2016

Glass Ceiling

          Men are to blame for this glass ceiling that's for women. Why it is there blame is because they are the one who pretty much created it. If they say it not then why not get rid of it right then."The two reasons why we could still have it is men making their own assumptions about what women can and cannot do and men feelings "threatened"(John keyser, In Power Coaching, 06/20/11). This could be a really good reason because men do not have any other reasons to still have this to exist. And there is many time that it could be fixed.

          It is not men to fault that women has a glass ceiling. This is because it could just not really exist because some women has past this and if all the women did what the ones that did pass it than its not really there then."Instead of being able to achieve the same success as peers, those who encounter glass ceiling are stopped by invisible obstacles that prevent them from rising further"(Chevette Alston, This is not true if you have the will to do it then you should be able to pass it. That is why it's not men to blame for the glass ceiling and it is just a thing that keep women from going on.

          I do believe it is men to blame for the glass ceiling because it would not have exist if they did not make it. And a solution to fix the pay discrepancy for women is to just get read of it fully. There already women in higher positions and women do also have the energy to keep going and accomplishing more then others."Women no matter how qualified or experience, they simply were not given opportunities to further advance their careers"(The Mind Tools Editorial Team, Mind Tools). This could be true because not all women have a gut to stick up to show they can do it. And if they never have a chance at these opportunities then the glass ceiling will never break. That why we need to get rid of it for women that don't have the confidence to get higher in there jobs.

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