Thursday, September 8, 2016

Glass Ceiling

Men are to blame for the Glass Ceiling for women. The reason men are to blame is because most of the time women are characterized as weak compared to men when that isn't always the case in some situations. Men are the reason behind the glass ceiling because since they are expected to be stronger than women, some might think that women are not capable of doing the same thing a man can do. According to an article, "more than 80% of the executive women in the Wall Street Journal Gallup study said they believe there are disadvantages to being a woman in the business world" ( Men are basically supporting the glass ceiling when they dont encourage the fact that women can have the same strengths men do. There are reasons why men aren't fully to blame for the glass ceiling. Women can make a change and speak up to let society know that it's not okay for a women to get paid less for doing he same job a man can do. There is too much focus on the fact that men are expected to be stronger than a woman and "because we waste a lot of energy believing and putting up with the idea that there is this metaphoric barrier in our, it's killing our confidence" ( Instead of paying attention to the glass ceiling there should be more attention on what's going to be done in order to have equal pay. I believe neither men or women are to blame for the glass ceiling. Both men and women should have equal pay because I think it's wrong for a woman to be paid less than a man when they are doing the same job. The way men and women are paid should be based on the job not gender. Women will get out of the glass ceiling theory once every women starts to believe that she is capable of doing anything that a man can do and stop paying attention to the glass ceiling or else it'll keep holding women back.

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