Friday, September 9, 2016

Glass Ceiling

   Why are men being blamed for the 'glass ceiling' for women? Women come with all this baggage where as men do not. Would that be the problem? On they say that one who has to travel to work and leave house duties is one reason men are blamed because in society's eyes the women stays home to take care of the household not men. Another reason they say men are blamed is because men tend to be more focused on their job and because men leadership in the cooperate world has been around for years because they're more focused. Men are not giving women the change to show that they have the power to be focused with other things on their plates. That's why men are being blamed for the glass ceiling on women.
   Who says that men are to blame for the class ceiling effect? There are other reasons to blame besides men. On they say we need to blame social media. Why blame social media? They say that social media is still portraying women as subservient and objectified. The main reason says men are not to blame it is the leadership stereotypes that are to be blamed. For years men have been in power of big business, it started out that way and its been viewed to be that way. So instead of blaming men we need to blame social media and stereotypes.
   I believe that men are not to blame for the class ceiling for woman. Women can choose to have the family life. String women will know how to get to the top if they want to battle. One solution I found to fix the pay issue is implement pay transparency. On they say it would force the business to make  meritocracy. That means that those who are most productive get paid the most. It wouldn't go to those who ask for a bigger salary or those who threaten to quite. This would help women because then they would be able to see what everyone else makes. Then they could make an evaluation based on themselves and what they could do to more productive.

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