Friday, September 9, 2016

Glass ceiling

         Men are only to blame if they believe the glass ceiling is a good thing (Broder,, 2013).  I believe that if women need to also stop thinking that the glass ceiling is such a problem and is causing them not to do better it is just going to hurt them. Women work just as hard as men do (Broder,, 2015). Men should only be blamed if know that this is happening and they don't try to help out the situation to make it better.  Blaming men is not always the right thing to do because it's not all there fault because most men don't know how bad the glass ceiling is.

          Men are not to blame for women's glass ceiling problems. If women really want to get ahead in life then they can if they try hard enough (Broder,, 2013).  Men are not to blame because women have this in there head so called glass ceiling and we allow ourselves to believe that we aren't good enough (Broder,, 2013).  Many think they should blame men but in  reality this is something that has been to believe for a long time that women aren't as good as men (Broder,, 2013).

         I believe that men should not be at blame.  They asked men what they would like to be and only 36% said they want to be a CEO (Broder,, 2013).  Only 18% of the women said they want to be a CEO (Broder,, 2013).  Maybe men just want to be something more then women do. I think we need to stop blaming men because the glass ceiling is only effecting the people who don't believe in there selfs.

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