Friday, September 9, 2016

Glass ceiling

       Are men to blame for the glass ceiling for women? According to Quartz sixty-five percent of mothers with a kids under six years old worked at least thirty-five hours a week in 2011 (, Lily Kuo, January 6, 2015). The number of women in the workplace is still less than of the men. Men employers assume that if they hire a women that they will become pregnant and would have to leave the job for a certain amount of time but it's usually not this way. Men are to blame for the glass  ceiling for women.

      Women are to blame for their own glass ceiling. Entrepreneur says that the groups that are trying to demand equal pay for women are doing the opposite of what they are intending of doing and are actually doing a disservice to the issue. Also when women put this barrier upon them it makes them less confident (, Lindsay Broder, October 16, 2013). This being said woman are get payed less because she is not as confident which decreases your quality of work. Men are not to blame for the glass ceiling women are.

      In my opinion the person to blame for the glass ceiling for women all depends on the situation. First of all men are not always paid more than women, according to CNN social worker, merchandiser, research assistant, purchasing specialist, physician advisor, communications associate, social media, health educator, procurement, and business coordinators and therapists are all jobs that women make more than men do and these are not all of them (, Jeanne Sahadi, May 23, 2016). There are also case of which woman do not work as hard as the men and therefore are paid less. There is also cases of woman getting paid less just because she is a woman. There are more factors that go into the "glass ceiling" than woman not getting paid just because of their gender. There are many more reasons as to why women do not get paid as much as men.

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