Thursday, September 8, 2016

Glass Celling

Our work force has many flaws, but could a glass ceiling for women be one of them? Women do not cause the pay gap by being less aggressive or having a lack of confidence, it is the employers who take advantage of this (PBS,, 2016). I find this to be highly inaccurate. If someone wants something done they must be aggressive and confident in order to do so. Blaming male employers for not offering unconfident people a promotion or pay raise is essentially blaming them for properly running a business. If all the people who are not aggressive, regardless of sex, where served all good things in life on a silver platter, nothing would get done. The confident, and aggressive women in the work force does succeed, and just because women tend to be less aggressive, it does not mean men are to blame.

The wage gap or glass ceiling is not caused by discrimination, but by the choices men and women make (Washington Examiner,, 2016). I agree with this statement, because it is proven over and over again. Women tend to choose lower paying jobs than men do. Men also tend to do jobs that are more dangerous then women if it means they can get payed more than a safer job. Lastly men are more likely to participate in overtime and do not leave as near as long as women do for child birth. Whilst there is nothing wrong with these choices, people should not be outraged by the results of them. The glass ceiling is created because of the choices that women make not workplace discrimination.

The reason the glass ceiling and wage gap exist is because o the hours gap. Men simply work more hours than women do (Daily Caller,, 2016). Yes, men do earn more than women on average, but this is because there is not an equal amount of work being done. To fix the glass ceiling, we must mandate equal hours work by men and women and make sure there is exactly and equal amount of men and women in each job. Logically this would be terrible for the economy, that is why I believe the glass ceiling will not be fixed, unless women change their choices. There is nothing wrong about the choices women are making, people just need to not blame men and employers for women's choices.

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