Monday, September 19, 2016

Green Tax

       Should the pollution taxes raise in the United States? Higher green taxes could encourage others to not pollute and to preserve the environment as it would be too high to want to continue driving a car. Golam Kibira states, " 'green taxes' can be seen as an incentive to lessen environmental burden and preserve the environment" (, June 17, 2014) As it would maybe encourage/force others to start taking more affordable methods of transportation, it could also cause others to be resentful of the government.
        At the same time, raising the taxes for pollution could be risky. Taxes are paid with money, and for some peole, that's a delicate part of their survival. The Grantham Research Institute states, "Too high and the costs will rise higher than necessary to reduce emissions, impacting on profits, jobs and end consumers" ( January 31, 2013). Raising taxes could cause many people to lose their homes and force companies to raise prices, cause people to make redundant income, and may even force so companies to close down.
        Where I lie in this is iffy. The cons seem to outweigh the goods, and, while the earth isn't exactly a shining marmble, it's not horribly polluted. I'd have to say to raise pollution taxes, but not by an impractical amount. 15¢? Seems...OK to me.

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