Thursday, September 8, 2016

Harsher Punishment

Are people really against harsher punishment for cheating in school? Cheating in school should have serious consequences, and kids should know that they are. If the consequences for cheating are not serious then kids will continue to cheat knowing they will not get in that much trouble. On it says that some kids who cheat get expelled and it gets put on there per I record. Having that someone cheated on there record can effect their college future. It would definitely teach kids not to cheat if it would follow them through the their life. That is why punishments should be harsher on students who cheat, so they know they will never get away with it.
Who wants to be hard on kids? Most schools and teachers do not want to be harsh on students for cheating. According to most schools have a "zero tolerance policy" for cheating. This means the school will not put up with cheating. On they say schools do not want to punish hard for cheating because they are afraid of lawsuits. Most parents will sue because they want their kid to go to a good college and if it's in jeopardy parents will do anything to fight it. That's why most schools do not have harsh punishments for cheating.
Where do I stand in all of this'd? I believe that there should be harsher punishments for people who cheat in school. Harsher punishments should let these kids know that it will never be okay to cheat. I believe if the punishment is harsher the first time that people will be less likely to do it. I would want it to go on records so everyone who would look at it know that, that person is a cheater. I would want people to watch those kids very carefully until they can prove they will not cheat again.

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