Thursday, September 8, 2016

Harsher Punishments

     In order to stop cheating, harsher punishments are more keen to work. According to ABC News, from a survey of 12,000 students, 74% of students admitted to cheating (ABC News 2016) I disagree with this because if the punishments were harsher, the number would be far less than 74%

      To combat cheating, incentives to people who don't cheat would help more. According to the same source as the first paragraph, ABC News, Students often take after their parents (ABC news 2016). I disagree with this because if there were incentives not to cheat, they would not follow their parents footsteps.

In my personal opinion, harsher punishments seem to work best in this situation, according to PBS Kids, people who cheat on tests are telling teachers they arent trustworthy (PBS 2016). I agree with this because cheating is pretty much like lying and if you are caught, it should be treated as a lie and should have a strict punishment.

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