Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Harsher Punishments

     I think the kids that do cheat should get a little more harsher punishments but depends on how harsh people want to make them.when the kids cheat they should do more than just give the thing they cheated on a zero. It's very wrong because the students that do actually put forth the effort to the work have theirs copied down and the other one didn't put forth anything to do it. The kids that copy the work the other students do down is like them getting a reward and or achievement for doing basically nothing.
     I think that the punishments for cheating are alright because there getting a zero on whatever the assignment was that they cheated on was and they have a chance to be kicked from the corse after that's if the teacher decides whether to or not. It's also the students fault for letting the other student cheating on them and not doing anything about it or telling anybody about it to let them know.
     There should be harsher punishments for kids that are in school taking out her students work not putting forth the effort to do it them selves because it's wrong and there getting rewards for doing nothing but copying down things and turning it in so I think that it's right for teachers to have the right to punish their students if they cheat.

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