Thursday, September 8, 2016

I think that the biggest reason people think that men are the reason women can't get and stay in real jobs is because there husbands need them to help with kids and work and this reigns true in some stories like this one Paul was on call many nights and weekends, leaving Jill to juggle the kids, the errands, and the housework. Her cases were intriguing, but limited by her inability to bring on additional partners or devote more than fifty hours a week to the job. Their parents lived far away, and Jill never quite found the energy to put three toddlers in the back of the car and make the long drive back to Lincoln. So she slowly wound the practice down ( this story is about a woman who owned her own firm but because she had other responsibilities with the children she had to shut it down with a few other reasons small reasons involved but overall it's because she had to take care of the kids rather then the man.

It isn't all men's fault this glass ceiling exists it's not the fault of all men you guys are at the bottom of the glass ceiling there are women in high places too just way fewer i do agree that we should have equal wages and any men who stop that are part of the glass ceiling but just becuse a man gets a promotion and you don't may be your fault of either not working as hard or not asking
The women who complain about inequality in the workplace are often the same women who want flexible work schedules or other benefits so that they can have it all. For many, having it all means deciding that you want to have a career and raise a family – and that's ok. You can have it all. However, you can't expect to be the CEO of a large multinational corporation if you don't put in the time to get there. And let's not forget that, according to a recent survey of 4,000 employees at big companies, 36 percent of men said they want to be CEO, whereas only 18 percent of woman said the same. Let's acknowledge the choices we make and not blame others for the results ( I Think this is a major reason women don't have as many high rolls in the work force along with some sexist men.
I think it is not men's fault for the glass ceiling due to a lot more woman who do make the overall choice to take care of a family but also men are partially to blame for sometimes making it harder and also it's kinda the men's fault that some are just paying them less and other reason all and all I think that we can both be equally to blame because I doubt many company' owners in this day in age would pick a man over a very much more experienced woman for his job after he is gone 

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