Thursday, September 8, 2016

I think that one good argument for more harsh punishment s for cheating in school is that if you do en d up cheating you kinda get away with it because long term very little punishments you are given show that this behavior gets you what you want and for every test they catch you get away with ten more they don't "To most educators, my true story is a disgrace to the system; I'm the one who got away. Now, I was talented enough in my cheating to be mostly hailed as one of the smartest and most ambitious students in my graduating class.(The This student went all through his high school carrer and didn't get caught but sometimes they a just to good for the system so you have to scare them into not cheating by making it more trouble if they were in any circumstance to get caught

A good reason to make the punishment less severe is that if you make it more severe people wouldn't be as careful to not be caught cheating so only the very adept cheaters wouldn't ever get caught at all like the guy above also by giving them harsh punishments you may screw up there future with one mistake If students feel bad for cheating, it is because the environment has created a set of conditions where cheating is necessary and justifiable. For this same reason, many students are proud that they cheat. Cheating often requires creativity in terms of execution as well as ingenuity to avoid being caught. It also serves as a statement of disdain against an arbitrary and repressive institution. For these reasons, cheating can be a source for pride that boosts self-esteem. Given this construct, cheating is not simply something many students do; it is something all students in compulsory schools should do. Cheating is moral imperative.(wired) as this guy says cheating also make you think more creatively.

My opinion is that you should get punished worse for cheating and tells them not to cheat anymore out of school instead of continual cheating throughout there high school career and college also a big punishment stop cheaters to think it's alright to get caught cheating and will teach those who cheat not to by the harsh punishment 

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